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AGV Technology

Reinvented Motion

Move without limitiation in every direction.


  • Save floor space, with reduced circulation areas thanks to our most advanced motion technology

  • Save time with optimised trajectories


Unrestricted Payload

Up to 100 000 lbs capacity from standard models.

  • No need for cranes, skates, jacks and oversized forklifts.

  • A complete solution to move what you want, where you want, without a sweat.

Heavy Duty

Efficient in the toughest environments: dust, rough concrete and uneven floors


  • Low maintenance cost

  • High reliability

Precise parking

Sub-milimeter accuracy thanks to our patented motion technology.

  • Save time with fast positionning

  • Reduce handling risks

  • Easy interaction with production equipment


Next Generation Automation


Be in control of your production

  • Do it yourself automation with our intuitive software

  • Track your production in real time (4.0 Industry)

  • ERP and WMS integration ready


Advanced positionning

Natural guidance, QR codes, vision, painted lines or magnetic tape are possible options.

  • Easy to integrate in any environment

  • Multiple technologies can be combined to get both ease of use and precision


Productive Safety

Top of the line hardware with adaptative safety fields.

  • Reduce risks for your employees

  • Need less floor space to navigate safely by monitoring only where there is danger

safety manette_edited.jpg

Safe Remote Control

When manual control is  the best solution

  • Save time with fast IR pairing

  • Adjustable speed and precise control for complex maneuvers

Li-On Batteries


Our modular battery packs can be configured to fit your application perfectly. 

  • Optimize your investment with the right amount of batteries

  • Durable

  • Minimal upkeep

AGV-019-RECHARGE-RENDU_Camera_SOLIDWORKS Viewport_edited.png

Fast Charging


Configurable to fit your application perfectly. 

  • Maximize production with fast charging time

  • Never run out of power no matter your needs with our autonomous charging station and simple plug options

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