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Production Series
Be ahead of the competition.


  • Move payload up to 100 000lbs 

  • Densify your production area with optimal motion

  • Highly customizable

Scale your production 


Automate material handling 

  • Pick and drop material with integrated lifting system (optional)

  • Optimize production cell up time with always on time autonomous delivery

AGV-022-RENDU-PB359_Camera_SOLIDWORKS Viewport_edited.jpg

Production Series In Action
See how it can automate assembly line processes


  • Scale your business

  • Improve safety

  • Address labor shortage

Assembly line innovation


Add flexibility and automate your assembly line.

  • Boost productivity by moving freely your heavy/large products 

  • Reduce health and safety risks

  • Ergonomic work with adjustable platform height 

Sky Series


Hyper stable 30ft elevation platform

  • Ideal for warehouse and order picking

  • Assembly and maintenance of planes and boats

  • Indexable forks available

  • Vacuum picker available

  • Do you own tooling ready

  • Highly Customizable

Custom Series


The best solution for the most demanding industry leaders.

  • Be ahead of your competition with our most advanced technologies combined with specialized tooling perfectly tuned for your application

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